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Welcome to Teambg.org!

A Brief History

TeamBG.org is a site that is dedicated to preserving the past of the Inifinity Engine modding scene that began when the game Baldur's Gate came out in 1998. IE modding began when TeamBG was first created in 1998 when KenTeamBG released the first modding tool known as the Baldur's Gate Character Control and created TeamBG. This tool let you edit your exported character's stats, inventory and other things related to your character. Since then many more tools were created by TeamBG members. Those who contributed to the group known as TeamBG, be it creating tools or other means to further the goals of TeamBG, they had the TeamBG suffix added to their name to differentiate them from common members on the forums or in chat.

Back in the early days there were no mods. Back then it was known as customizing. You had custom made items, custom spells, custom soundsets and custom portraits. Dark Side of the Sword Coast changed all of that when it became the first mod released for Baldur's Gate. This mod introduced 8 new NPCs, many new items and spells and had introduced new quests and encounters. It was a major success for IE modding as many fans downloaded the mod when it was first released in June 3, 2000. It gained the attention of major PC gaming magazines like PC Gamer and gaming websites. This first mod opened the door to modding as we know it today. Soon more people became interested in making their own mods from something simple to something complex. New tools were created to help the new modder make their dream become a reality.

New mods were released and new communities sprang from TeamBG. TeamBG started it all but unfortunately it came to an end in July 2004 when their server was hacked. TeamBG had a history of people hacking their sites but in the end, Ken just had enough and let it end. TeamBG may not be here with us today, but its legacy lives on in the communities, people and mods that came from them.

History Tid Bit

December 28, 2001
 On December 26, 1998, Baldur's Gate was released in the U.S.A. Two days later Ken Baker released the first version of a character editor for Baldur's Gate, and began what became "TeamBG" a few weeks later.
 So, today marks 3 years of TeamBG following 2 days after the 3 year anniversary of the release of the first Infinity Engine game to ever be released.
 I'd like to thank the entire IE editing/modding community for keeping the dream alive and thriving now more than ever. As IE games get older, each week our hits go up more and more and the successes of creating new IE gaming elements and games becomes more and more a reality.

Please feel free to donate to this project to cover costs in monthly hosting fees and upkeep of this website.



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