Nalia's Romance for Macintosh
Again, big thanks to Eli Flores for doing the conversion. The package already contains the latest patch, but you will need to download the BAM file below.

The v.1.03 patch is available

After applying this patch, the party will no longer be stuck at the small teeth pass when Jaheira is in the party. One must re-load an earlier save when the party has not been in the Small Teeth Pass before If the problem has already occurred and you are stuck in the area, use CLUAConsole to leave the area...or reload.

The Shadows of Amn version of the romance
I know that some of you don't have TOB, and therefore I am looking forward to releasing a SOA version. I was thinking, why does NR require TOB. The answer is that it uses one visual effect and dialog.tlk taken from TOB with the official patch applied. The visual effect bam can easily downloaded, and the dialog.tlk should cause no problems in SOA, I think. The string references of the SOA part are the same and therefore it SHOULD work. That is why I uploaded the required BAM and I hope that someone with SOA is willing to try this out. I can give no guarantee that it will work, but at the same I see no reason why it shouldn't work... Copy the file to your "override" directory.

Nalia's Romance MOD v.1.00
Here she is! Finally before you!
This is the version 1.00, therefore the patch above is NOT implemented in this package. You might want to download the patch as well.

While you're downloading, please make yourself familiar with the readme:

Nalia's Romance MOD v.1.00
Thank you for your interest in this add-in.Please take a moment to make yourslef familiar with this text. You should read at least the "installing" part and the "special notes" section.

Table of contents:
1. introduction
2. installing
3. special notes
4. special thanks to...
5. tech. support
6. legal notice

I - introduction

Nalia's romance is the conclusion of my hard work, which began in the beginning of september and finished on December 26th. It contains a complete romance with Nalia, including the tree of life dialogs, beloved one in danger, Nalia's abduction by bodhi, and other love related quests. It also adds some new quests and character interactions. I strongly recommend having Minsc in the party...

II - installing.

You may want to back up your old BGII configuration first, should you desire to uninstall the mod. To do that, make a backup of your "override" folder and copy a file named "dialog.tlk" to some place. The installer overwrites "dialog.tlk", nullifying any custom items you may had. Of course, you can re-install them, but AFTER installing the mod. The installation procedure is simple: enter the path of your BGII installation folder to the field named "/your bgII install dir./" and press "unzip".You can also run winzip, but one should know that the files have to be extracted to the BGII installation folder, NOT to the override folder.
Another important thing is that the romance REQUIRES Throne of Bhaal! It uses some of it's resources(namely the visual effects) and the dialog.tlk file is taken from TOB. The official patch should also be applied prior to installing the mod.

III - special notes
I must give a little bit of information about the romance, without spoiling anything. The player has to be a male character with at least of 8 charisma. He also has to be of fighter pool, which include figthers, paladins, rangers, barbarians and monks. Available races are human, half-elf, elf and halfing. The romance consists of 3 independet branches, where 2 of them are connected with the De'Arnise keep's quests. One of them, however, is connected with the slaver quest, and Nalia has to be in the party when clearing out the slavers' ship. Another enchancement of the mod is that Captain Arat stays at the keep after retiring. He can be found at the the forge which assembles the Flail of Ages. He serves as a blacksmith and sells weaponry.

IV - my thanks goes to these persons:

The romance wouldn't have been possible if those people hadn't helped me. I received many good suggestions during the dvelopment period, and I'm trying to mention those persons, who's ideas wereimplemented.

First of all, I'd like to dedicate this MOD to the Baldur's Gate series' development team, who did a superb job by bringing us this great game. I hope that someone from Bioware is reading this...
Now some names(in random order):

Kozan Demircan - his dialog suggestions were superb, especially regarding to the "helping the unfortunate" topic. Great work, Kozzy!

Will Kemp - hi's idea about the name of Nalia's youth love is used. And the youth love has quite an important role in this romance...really!

Lee Watts - thank you for your Edwin's interaction!

Brian M. Stoney - I simply loved his Jan Jansen's turnip story abut the wedding :)

Lemony Doom, a.k.a. Tanthalas - thanks for your Aerie's, Korgan's, Minsc's and Viconia's comment about the wedding.

Kevin Dorner - good suggestion about Viconia's comment and the youth love plot. - thank you for your wedding ceremony dialog.

And probably some more people, who's name I was unable to recall. If someones knows that he or she had a great deal in making the romance, please let me know, and I'll add your name to the list.

V - tech support

even though I have throughly tested the mod throughout the development period and I even made one runthru, I cannot guarantee that it's flawless. If you find a bug or are experiencing problems, please drop me a line on email.

VI - legal notice

Nothing can be published without it nowadays. It's only formal.

This product is provided "as is", and I am not responsible for any damage or loss caused by this romance. Use it on your own risk.

The scripts and dialogs I have written are my intellectual property and should not be used without my permission. Regardless, I have nothing against it. Just drop me a line on email if you're going to use it somewhere. The names used in the romance are random, and have no connection with the real life.
I am not affiliated or associated in any way with Interplay Entertainment Corp., Bioware Corp., Black Isle Studios or any other company directly involved with the Baldur's Gate series or any other games based on the Infinity Engine.

(C) 2001 | Any comment and suggestion is welcome.
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