March 15th, 2001
We like apples, don't we?
I am proud to annouce that the MACINTOSH version of the Romance has been released! Special thanks goes to Eli Flores for doing the conversion. Head to the Downloads page to get it.

February 9th, 2002
I want YOUR opinion!
Yes, I have opened a little forum for discussion about Nalia's Romance! It serves as a bug reporting center, a place for walkthroughs, an last, but not least, it is the place where you can suggest what should be in the Nalia's Romance TOB part.

February 5th, 2002
Nalia's romance has been translated into japanese! It seems that there are many admirers of my work:) Anyway, my big thanks goes to these guys who undertook that major task.
Oh, here's the link:

January 18th, 2002
The v. 1.03 patch has been released. This will eliminate the stupid bug that occured when Haheira was in the party. The Downloads page is a right place to look for this download.

January 6th, 2002
The v. 1.02 patch has been released. In addition to the v.1.01 patch it resolves the oversight where Nalia's romance doesn't begin when Nalia speaks to the party member who has a charisma score below 8. For example: if your character is a paladin with 18 caharisma, but Nalia talks to Korgan in the Copper Coronet, the romance is killed because Korgan's charisma is 7. After applying this patch Nalia will talk to player 1 only. Point yout browser to the downloads page to download.
January 1st, 2002
The v.1.01 patch for the romance has been released. Point your browser at the downloads page to download. Information about the SOA version can also be found there :)

December 26, 2001


Go to the downloads page and enjoy :)

Development history:

December 5, 2001
2nd branch is complete!!!
Finally completed the last cutscene. The second branch was the most complex to create, because it included many cut scenes, including the duel and the end of Isea Roenal. It's not going to take very long anymore. I am trying to release the romance by christmas and I am currently in schedule. :)

Check out this screenshot :)
Taken from one of Nalia's romance MOD's dialogues.

December 1, 2001
My big thanks goes to everyone who bothered to reply with the wedding dialog issue. I have succesfully completed that part and the branch 2 will be complete very soon. However, I am interested in your opinion about the character interactions. I have only Edwin's so far. He wants to know why the PC even bothers with the marriage. So if someone has an idea, then please let us hear about this. If your idea or suggestion gets implemented, you can find your name in the credits for sure.

November 21, 2001
I was wondering if anyone can help me with the wedding dialog. The problem is, that the game takes place in the middle age, and I don't know what should the priest say.
And what kind of a priest? If someone has knowledge about marrying in the Forgotten Realms or simly an idea about what should the priest say, then PLEASE let me know!

November 18, 2001
It's been a long time since the last update. Well, I've had some nasty tests at school, but I also had some time to develop the romance :) However, I managed to screw up my windows and therefore I lost the contacts in my adress book:( Could those, who received the framework, send me an email? I'd be glad to send you the branch 2 dialogs if I knew your emails :p

F E E D B A C K_____ F O R M:

October 29, 2001
Here's the form. If you have an idea/suggestion/whatever, you can use this form to send it to me. I am especially interested in the theme sound suggestions. I have two candidates at the moment, but I hope that the list would grow. Click on the song to download.

October 25, 2001
Hi folk! I'm interested in your opinion about the theme music. Do you know about something which could be used with the romance? The only track I've found so far can be found >>HERE<<, but I don't like it very much. It would be ok if I don't find any better music, but I'm sure you will :)
I'm going to make a form in order to make it easier for you to reply. Expect it during the weekend. So much for now. C'ya!

October 21, 2001
The storyline is almost complete :)
I have sent it to few guys for feedback and I hope to start writing dialogues soon. Meanwhile, I recommend the new unofficial expanison of BGII - The Darkest Day
I haven't had the oppurtunityto try it out yet, but it looks cool.

October 15, 2001
I've e been working on the storyline again for a couple of last days. I'm going to divide the lovetalks into 3 separate branches, which are independent from each other. And when all three are complete, the romance would procceed to the next (quite romantic) stage. If someone is interested in reading the framework I currently have, then drop me a line in email. It would surely spoil something, but you know better whether you want to be spoiled or not.

Another thing would be dialogues. My idea is to involve some other party members to some dialogues, which may even become a conversation. They are very complex, but making a few wouldn't hurt. One example would be Nalia marrying the PC, and Keldorn, being LG, would dissaprove such a thing(its a marriage of convenience, after all). Edwin, on the other side, would be surprised that the PC even bothers to do such a thing...

October 13, 2001
I opened a web page for Nalia' s romance! Here you can see the latest information
about the progress.

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