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Basic Customizing Tools

These are all the utilities you need to download to get started editing Infinity Engine games. These files will allow you to extract the data files out of the large BIF files and edit them individually to aide in making new things or to learn how things were made in the games originally as well as allowing you to edit items (*.itm files), spells (*.spl files) and stores/inns/taverns/temples/containers (*.sto files).

Note also that the exporting and importing features of these editors are for allowing you to share your creations with people. You do NOT need to export/import for your new creations to work on your own machine. Exporting attaches the texts (names and descriptions) to the ITM/SPL/STO files so that when another person imports the files (*.tbg files...yes, tbg means TeamBG File) the ITM/SPL/STO file will get automatically placed inside their game's "Override" folder and the texts (names and descriptions) will get inserted into their game properly. Without this process, your custom files will NOT have any names/descriptions on any other machine.

NOTE: IAP files are used to package many TBG files and other non exported files into one file so that the person who downloads a package only needs to do a single import action. Please use IAP's where you have a package containing more than one file. ALSO...*always* ZIP your files so that web browsers won't mess up the files or their names (which can happen if you put up normally unknown file types for download...zips are common and safe).

TBG = TeamBG Exported File
IAP = Infinity Add-on Patcher File

TeamBG VB6 Package

DLL and OCX files required for our utilities written in VB6 (msvbvm60.dll, other dll's and ocx's).

You cannot use any other VB6 DLL pack, this is a pack containing the DLL's and OCX's we use at TeamBG, other packs may not have all of the files we use.

Download (1.85 MB)

Download (Mirror #2) (1.85 MB)

WinBiff v1.2.2

This tool will allow extraction from biff files or making new biff files and has been tested on BG2, BG1 and IWD (it should also work for PST). Using this program for anything other than extracting data files from biff files is an advanced activity and you should be sure to make backups before trying...this biff creation and editing functionality is meant for MODs and NOT item packs or other minor downloads (as there still needs to be a way for people to get texts...thus use TBG and IAP files for this still). Now you can add replacement files in new BIF's as well as extract from CBF or BFC files. Additionally there is a BIF sharing file format that can be distributed with a new BIF to allow another user to use WinBiff to import the new BIF index data into their KEY file.

Note: WinBiff now has two modes of use.

IWD players should be able now to use the program properly too.

Download (577 KB)

Infinity Engine Editor Pro v1.0.9 Build 40

This one download includes the "Infinity Add-on Patcher Pro" and the "Dialog Fixer" (same as the Standard version) but this version (for developers) also includes the "Dialog.tlk Editor", "Spell Maker" and "Item Maker". This is the ONE utility package you that not only IMPORTS custom items, spells, creatures and more into your game but also allows you to edit/create these types of files AND make TBG and/or IAP files! Support for ALL Infinity Engine games is being added. Includes the newer version of the Store Editor!

(Requires VB6pkg.exe (or mirrored: VB6pkg.exe) to run.)

Download (2.27 MB)

Download (Mirror #2) (2.27 MB)

IAP SFX Creator v1.1

This utility allows you to create normal IAP's as well as self-extracting IAP's. IAP's can be loaded or created from scratch and can then be converted to a self-extracting archive. There's no need for another program anymore to import them into a game install. Everything needed will be done by the SFX program.

Uninstall support is now available to uninstall addons. TXT and RTF files can be chosen now to auto-launch after installation. Users can choose to create Start Menu items for an uninstall link as well as readme files for their addon (Auto-launched TXT and RTF files are used for this).

Note that this tool will not work with NPC TBG (*-n.tbg) files at this time.

Download it here (61 KB)

Infinity Engine TBG Mass Converter v1.0.1

Convert folders full of files to TBGv4 files for sharing on the web or with your mod team.

(Requires VB6pkg.exe (or mirrored: VB6pkg.exe) to run.)

Download (173 KB)

EFFCreator v1.5b

Another .EFF editor which can create or edit external effects using IEEP's effect descriptions. It requires IDS files from the script editor for IDS interpretation. I've fixed some possible problems with loading IEEP effect descriptions.

Download (110 KB)

EffMaker 1.5

View or make EFF (effect) files for BGII or TotSC.

(Requires VB6pkg.exe to run.)

Download (382 KB)

tindome666's Online Eff Editor

Creature Maker v3.1.9

This utility will edit BGI, BGII, IWD and PST creatures, characters and save games .

The main features are:Creatures, characters and save games editing, TBG exporting, CHR to CRE conversion, extraction of items,spells and creatures from the game, conversion between different creatures versions(V1.0,V9.0,V1.2).

This utility will work also without any game installed

Download (742 KB)

BG2CheckKit v1.2

2DA file integrity checker, currently focussed on kit related 2DA files. This will help you clean up errors in the 2DA files it processes.

Download (79 KB)

KitEditor v1.4.1

A user interface designed to interact with and allow the editing of the required 2DA (rules) files that allow the creation of kits for BG2 (now with ToB support included).

Now add required text to DIALOG.TLK using KitEditor itself!

Download (387 KB) - English and Deutsch Install

Download - KitEditor v1.5 Beta 1 (366 KB) - English and Deutsch Install

BG2 Kit Creator v1.0.0.3

Another user interface designed to interact with and allow the editing of the required 2DA (rules) files that allow the creation of kits for BG2. This version is the first release for this one, and it only creates, editing existing kits is being added...and so is feat/ToB support as I understand.

Windows Installer
For those that have old operating systems that don't come with Windows Installer, you will need to download and install it to be able to install this utility. You can get it HERE

Download (2.98 MB)

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