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Baldur's Gate Item Overrides Editor

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Current Versions:
Item Graphics Converter v.1.0.0
Posted on September 13, 1999

Store Override Editor v.1.0.0
Posted on September 9, 1999

Item Override Editor v.1.3.9
Updated version posted on May 18, 1999

Item Text Maker v.1.0.1
Updated version posted on April 22, 1999

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Introducing the awesome little utility that will allow you to (when you follow the instructions in the README.TXT) create custom inventory icon graphics for your custom items. (Hmmm...a Throwing Dagger that looks like a porkchop! Where's the applesauce? Hehehe.) Since we are still waiting on the BAM Workshop to be able to do even more with the graphics, this little utility can make custom items even MORE fun!

Also introducing the greatly anticipated Store Override Editor! (See the third file available for download below.) This editor will allow you to manipulate the stock and prices of stores/shops/inns/temples. This is an excellent utility for embedding your favorite custom items actually inside your BG adventure. Have fun using it!

You will need to extract *.STO files from "GUI.BIF" using the new "Biffstripper v2.0.0".

We also have the Item Text Maker! (See the second file available for download below.) With this editor, not only can you add descriptions to your custom item override files, you can also EXPORT and IMPORT these items so that you can share them with other people. This EXPORTED item file includes all the text you wish to be associated with it and this EXPORTED file has the file extension .TBG.

This then allows anyone else to use the Item Text Maker to IMPORT this custom item. IMPORTING unpacks the Item Override File (.itm) into your Overrides folder and automatically makes the proper entry to add this item's texts to that person's Baldur's Gate installation.

The first download below is the 4th release of our basic Item Overrides Editor, features will be added as more is discovered and also based upon good suggestions.

You can edit existing items in the game to change their attributes, or even create NEW items by renaming the file before opening it in the editor!

If a NEW item is created, you have four easy ways to get that item into the game:

  1. Use the MANUAL ITEM CODE ENTRY option in the Character Editor.
  2. Use the CLUAConsole:CreateItem("XXXX##") function.
  3. Add the NEW item to the item data file included with my Character and Creature Editors.
  4. Edit a store/shop/inn so that it sells the NEW item (Shop Overrides Editor coming soon).

Item Override Editor DOWNLOAD
Item Override Editor
(Install with Setup.exe)
492 KB Item Overrides Editor v.1.3.9
Item Text Maker DOWNLOAD
Item Text Maker
Export Bug Fixed
468 KB Item Text Maker v.1.0.1
Store Override Editor DOWNLOAD
Store Override Editor 254 KB Store Override Editor v.1.0.0
You will need to extract *.STO files from "GUI.BIF" using the new "Biffstripper v2.0.0".
Item Graphics Converter DOWNLOAD
Item Graphics Converter 140 KB Item Graphics Converter v.1.0.0
Make Custom Inventory Icon Graphics (BAM's) from 8 Bit (256 Color) Bitmaps (BMP's).


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