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Dedicated to Baldur's Gate Expansion
Home of the Baldur's Gate Character Editor, Creature Overrides Editor, Godlike Experience Cap Remover, Item Overrides Editor, Biffstripper Lite, Cheats, and other BG Expansion Utilities.
TeamBG - Baldur's Gate Expansion
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Baldur's Gate Cheat Codes
  1. Basic Cheat Codes
  2. CLUAConsole Codes
    • EnableCheatKeys
    • AddSpell
    • CreateItem
    • CreateCreature
    • SetCurrentXP
    • AddGold
    • MoveToArea
    • SetWeather
    • PlaySound
    • ExploreArea (same as basic cheat)
  3. Watch Any or All Movies

Date Description
August 7, 1999
  • Godlike v1.1 released on Character Editor page.
August 1, 1999
  • TeamBG Rules Editor released on Character Editor page.
  • Posted the "Character Control - Baldur's Gate for Beginners" WordPad document.
July 30, 1999
  • New Message Board implemented.
June 14, 1999
  • Updated Cheat Codes.
June 4, 1999
  • New 1000+ Portraits Section OPENED.
    1. Over 400 Males.
    2. Over 400 Females.
    3. 100 "others".
June 3, 1999
  • TeamBG AI Scriptor v.0.9.1 released.
    1. Pre-1.0.0 release that reveals some secrets you've been waiting for.
    2. Has Spell Forcing and Hotkeys!
May 31, 1999
  • TeamBG AI Scriptor v.0.9.0 released.
    1. Pre-1.0.0 release that reveals some secrets you've been waiting for.
    2. The "Add" wizard is somewhat limited...but try it out!
May 24, 1999
  • Character Editor v.1.4.5 released.
    1. KNOWN SPELL EDITING works great with Cleric Spells and Special Abilities!
    2. More TotSC items added.
May 20, 1999
  • BiffStripper Lite v.1.2.0 released.
    1. TotSC Compatible now!
    2. Now extract Character (NPC) sounds (not playable with any media player, but can be used with the "Sounds" and "Overrides" folders).
May 18, 1999
  • Item Overrides Editor v.1.3.9 released.
May 16, 1999
  • Godlike v.1.0 (Experience Cap Remover for ANY version) released.
  • Baldur's Amp v.1.1 (with PLAYLIST SKIN) released.
  • Character Editor v.1.4.4 released:
    1. Use 6th Level Mage Spells!
    2. FIXED Limited Known Spell Editing.
    3. Added the start of a real Help File.
    4. Added the "TeamBG Launcher".
    5. Many TotSC Items and Spells added.
May 2, 1999
  • Magic Missile Mayhem AI Script released.
Apr. 25, 1999
  • Character Editor v.1.4.3 released (Limited Known Spell Editing).
Apr. 24, 1999
  • Item Overrides Editor v.1.3.6 released (Quick Slot bug fixed).
Apr. 22, 1999
  • Item Text Maker v.1.0.1 released (EXPORT bug fixed).
Apr. 19, 1999
  • Item Text Maker v.1.0.0 officially released (in the Item Overrides Editor Section).
  • Biffstripper Lite v.1.1.0 officially released (faster extraction).
  • The Beast Master AI Scripts officially released.
Apr. 17, 1999
  • Archived the message board.
  • Added some ANTI-FLAME and ANTI-SPAM features to the message board.
Mar. 24, 1999
  • Character Editor v.1.4.2 is released!!! (With 11 different RESISTANCE edits.)
Mar. 22, 1999
  • Item Overrides Editor v.1.3.3, 2nd public version, is released!!! (Edit MANY more item types.)
  • Added new CHEAT CODES not available ANYWHERE else!!!
Mar. 15, 1999
  • Character Editor v.1.4.1 is released!!! (With Mage Specialty Editing.)
Mar. 14, 1999
  • Item Overrides Editor v.1.2.5, first public version, is released!!! (This is a basic editor, features will be added, NukE64 welcomes input.)
  • Message Board archived, and a new main Message Board page started.
  • Message Board F.A.Q. put at the top of the main Message Board page.
Mar. 6, 1999
  • Character Editor v.1.4 is released!!! (With full Inventory Editing, including for manual entry of NEW custom item codes.)
Mar. 1, 1999
  • Posted a new version of the OR_02.ZIP file in the Overrides section...has many more NEW Innate Ability examples...Shapeshift into and Summon MANY things. Even REALLY BECOME Drizzt!!! Use both swords just like he does...they don't show in inventory, but you do get their benefits!
  • Posted new Biffstripper Lite v.1.0.1. This has the added functionality of telling you exactly what the item is you are about to extract when in 'Edit' mode (the single item extraction mode.
Feb. 28, 1999
  • Put up a screen shot of v.1.4 on the Character Editor page (which is soon to be released).
Feb. 26, 1999
  • TeamBG Public WWWBoard is back and on this server, so there should be no more losses/shutdowns of the message board.
  • Store, Item, and Spell Overrides Editors are being developed as you read this!
Feb. 24, 1999
  • Added the BIFFSTRIPPER LITE section. This section features the Biffstripper Lite utility written by Corak (a member of TeamBG). It allows you to extract all individual data files from the Creature, Item, and Spell BIFF files. This will then allow the editing and creation of Override Data Files.
Feb. 22, 1999
  • Added the ITEM OVERRIDES section. This section is starting with an EXAMPLE of a NEW item a member of our team made. A function that will also be available in the upcoming Item Overrides Editor. An Item Override of the Week (or Day) may start popping up here, until we have the Item Overrides Editor available for release.
Feb. 19, 1999
  • TeamBG Web Site appears as a sub site on FRAG.COM's BGRealms.
  • The moron's at CGIFORME have lost almost all their user's my message board is down AGAIN.
  • I'll be working on getting a local WWWBoard up on my server!
Feb. 14, 1999
  • TeamBG Public WWWBoard re-appears AGAIN.
  • Java Chat page put up.
  • TeamBG Members Area Started.
Feb. 13, 1999
  • TeamBG Public WWWBoard re-appears.
Feb. 6, 1999
  • TeamBG Web Site redesigned.

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