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Character Controls - CHR and CRE Editing

These editors allow editing of characters *and* creatures. The capabilities of these editors are not complete and for editing for MOD's you will need other utilities or a hex editor.

Currently a new creature editor, called Infinity Creature Editor (ICE) is being written. This editor will allow editing of everything on any creature/NPC in all of the games.

Character Control: Baldur's Gate v1.4.9a

(Requires VB6pkg.exe to run.)

Download (966 KB)

Character Control: Baldur's Gate II v1.0.0 Beta 7

This is an incomplete BETA version. This is no longer being worked on, as I have shifted focus to CRE (creature) files and am making ICE (Infinity Creature Editor) now for all 4 games.

(Requires VB6pkg.exe to run.)

Download (428 KB)

Character Control: Icewind Dale v1.0.2

(Requires VB6pkg.exe to run.)

Download (966 KB)

Character Control: Planescape Torment v1.0.3 & v1.1.3
(save game editor)

The newer version has more editing allowed, but has some bugs...so the older version is still available too.

(Requires VB6pkg.exe to run.)

Download v1.0.3 (114 KB)

Download v1.1.3 (174 KB)

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