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  • G3: IWDification Returns with a Shiny New Beta

    IWDification is a mod to bring some of the elements of Icewind Dale into the Baldur's Gate series of games. A lot of this project is based upon the work of the IWD-in-BG2 conversion project, which later formed the backbone of IWDEE. The mod adds various elements such as selectable bard songs, two-handed axes, and over 70 new spells into your BG2, Tutu, BGT, BGEE, or BG2EE game. Every component can be installed independently of one another.

    Beta 4 is a major overhaul of the mod with a complete revamp of the new spells.

  • WeiDU 243 released
    WeiDU v243 "243 is not a prime number" has been released.

    Download for Windows
    Download for GNU/Linux
    Download for mac OS (pending compiler)
    Download the source code
    Change log

  • G3: bg1re updates to v2.4


    The Baldur's Gate version of the popular Romantic Encounters mod, adding several encounters and quests all over the game, aims at populating the game with romantic encounters, intense dialogues, unexpected private dinners, romantic traces of long lost times, and real quests that all deal with true love, fulfilled or unfulfilled.
    The mod installs on BG w/TotSC, Tutu, BGT, BGEE, and EET.

    Version 2.4 increases compatibility and fixes some oversights.


    • "Necromancr's Trouble": Ramazith now agrees to sell Nymph's blood (but his conditions are inacceptable).
    • (BGT) all journal entries will be deleted upon transition to BGII
    • (German version) "Bardolan": changed "Kommandant" to "Hauptmann"
    • (compatibility) changed DV of %tutu_var%poe back to "poe" (compatibility with bg1npc and MotSC (= TWM)!)
    • g3_bgee_cpmvars.tpa corrected (Post dialogue for Dynaheir and Jaheira - not important for this mod)

    Learn more about the mod
    Visit the Forum

  • Item Upgrade v43 Now Available
    The Item Upgrade mod allows Cromwell and Cespenar to upgrade additional items in BGII. One third of them are convenience functions (e.g., they save you ring or boot space), one third of them try to beef up categories of weapons that are "weak by comparison" (e.g., clubs and spears), and one third of them upgrade NPC-specific items.
    Version 43 corrects errors in the Polish translation (for real this time) and provides a few other bug fixes.

  • GemRB 0.8.5 released! (Lynxiversary edition)

    GemRB is a portable open-source implementation of Bioware's Infinity Engine. It was written to support pseudo-3D role playing games based on the Dungeons & Dragons ruleset (Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale series, Planescape: Torment).


    It has been a while since our last release, but plenty of goodies have landed since. This release brings a slew of minor features and fixes, of which a select few are mentioned in the changelog. Of those that aren't, a last minute AttackReevaluate fix stands out, since that action is used all the time in AI scripts.

    For the details, try GemRB yourself or check the linked changelog for some highlights.

  • G3: Version 4 of Tweaks Anthology Now Available

    The Tweaks Anthology is a WeiDU compilation of fixes, cosmetic changes, and tweaks that will run on every Infinity Engine game, from the original Planescape:Torment, through the Icewind Dale and Baldur's Gate series, and the new Enhanced Editions of the games. The successor to BG2 Tweaks and several other tweak packs, some of these were fan requests, others are needed fixes, and others simply make dealing with the more irritating aspects of the game engine easier. Each component can be installed separately so the player can pick and choose only which ones they wish to install. Version 4 includes one new component, an updated French translation from Isaya, and bug fixes.

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