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  • TBGCoM: The Undying 2.5 Reelased BG2:EE Compatible

    This mod is an NPC/Quest/Store mod. There are two NPCs who will join your party, Callisto and Ninafer.
    Callisto is a Chaotic Evil Berserker elf who is looking for action because she is bored with Amn. She has quests that you can take that are not timer dependent.
    Ninafer is a Lawful Neutral Fighter/Mage elf who is looking for action as well. She has spent most of her life sheltered in an elven city and she is looking to know more about the world outside her city.
    The NPCs will banter with your character and the other joinable NPCs in the party as well as interact with others in the world.
    There are a couple of minor quests to under take.
    There are a couple of new stores with new items.
    A new inn, the Dwarven Hammer can be found in the Slums.
    Optional installs include smarter creature scripts and harder enemies who have been beefed up.



    Compatible to work with Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition.
    Callisto's banters with PC are timer related.
    Ninafer's banters with PC are timer related.
    Grouped together dialog files that are related.
    Traified the mod for translations.
    Minor character's in the mod have portraits assigned to them.
    Added ambient sounds to the tavern.
    Patched the Harder in Game Enemies option.

  • TBGCoM:Freedom's Reign/Reign of Virtue At Version 8

    Freedom's Reign/Reign of Virtue mods have reached version 8. This version is now compatible with Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition.

    What is Freedom's Reign/Reign of Virtue?

    Freedom's Reign - Features

    *80-90 New Items spread throughout Baldur's Gate 2 in the Shadows of Amn section of the game.
    *This modification will work fine with or without Throne of Bhaal installed.
    *Edits/Replaces creatures throughout the game to hold/carry new weaponry.
    *2 Completely new stores

    Reign of Virtue - Features

    Reign of Virtue aims to bring you more of the same as Freedom's Reign. Reign of Virtue is designed to be used in conjunction with Throne of Bhaal, and aims to bring you:

    *3 Completely new stores with totally original new items.
    *5 New Encounters using new scripts, items and sounds.



  • TBGCoM: Dark Horizons for Baldur's Gate EE at Version 2.11

    This version is for BGEE.

    This is a large tactical quest and encounters mod. As you journey along the Sword Coast you will encounter undesirables trying to do harm to you. Not only that, but an organization for good, Section, has been contracted by someone to send its operatives to hunt you down. They don't want you alive, they want you dead. Your first encounter is behind the very walls of Candlekeep and it won't end until you defeat Section and their overseers at Oversight. If you are lucky, you may survive. And perhaps you may pick up a new friend or friends along the way.

    There are a lot of new items to be found and new stores to shop at. There is an item upgrade store located at the Friendly Arm Inn. There are two three new NPCs who will join your party. This mod would work best with my Level 40/HLAs mod for BG:EE.

    What is new? Morwen, a skald bard will join your party. Also I have balanced out the enemies in regards to experience points given, meaning less and the equipment they carry, meaning less powerful items for the typical villain. Also there are a couple of fixes included.

    BGEE Download

  • TBGCoM: Saerileth V18 Released

    Saerileth romance has reached version 18. This recent release now includes proper encoding for the translation files so it will work with the Enhanced Editions of the games.
    Who is Saerileth?
    Saerileth is an outer-planar human, sent to Toril for a specific mission.  She is a young paladin of Tyr who is romanceable. Saerileth can be picked up in the Temple District, in front of the Order of the Radiant Heart. She has two quests for you to undertake.
    Download and enjoy!

    Saerileth website
    Saerileth forums

  • TBGCoM: Tsujatha Melalor Released

    Version 15 of the Tsujatha Melalor Romance mod has been released. This update includes proper encoding for the translation files so they work for the Enhanced Editions of the game.

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  • TBGCoM: Yasraena V15 Released

    Everyone's favorite drow mod, Yasraena, has reached version 15. This recent release now includes proper encoding for the translation files so it will work with the Enhanced Editions of the games. One of her personal swords was fixed as well.
    Who is Yasraena? She is a Chaotic Good female drow fighter who has become trapped in Chateau Irenicus. She includes a quest and original weapons.

    Yasraena website
    Yasraena forums

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