Important :

I am especially interested in anyone who has a mod which is for the most part playable but incomplete and given up on, so it may be given a release here without you worrying about bugs and so on. all credit given, I just think it would be nice for the community to experience your unfinished work, and the braver ones could attempt to finish it.

Mods currently buried here :

 Mod Name  Mod Creators  Compatible Games  Description
MageDuel v1.2 Ajoc, Max (aka Potencius) Bg2:SoA, Bg2:ToB, Bg2:TDD. MageDuel is (meant to be) a Multiplayer Feature Mod for BG2/ToB, in which the players take control of custom mage characters who summon creatures to fight each other. The main reasons MageDuel was given up on are because there is a lack of interest in such a mod andscripting in multiplayer was incredibly hard for some unknown reason. It is, however, very playable, just a bit sketchy.
Ajoc's MiniMod Ajoc Bg2:SoA, Bg2:TDD This is a mini-mod I made to train myself in the creation of areas and scripting. As it was going well, I made the mistake of saying I was going to release it as a mini-mod for BG2/TDD (NOT ToB). I promptly got bored of it and wanted to concentrate on other things. Then, six months later, Ken convinced me into finishing it, so I did (sort of) and now it's here. The main problem with it is that there is no world map support or journal entries. It is however, playable right to the end, assuming you don't hit some bug (this was never fully bug tested).
Ajoc's MiniMod
Ajoc, compiled by Hlidskialf Bg2:SoA, Bg2:TDD Hlidskialf kindly put my mini mod into WeiDU version to practice his skills. This download is much smaller, and uses Tis Pack (compresses area graphics).

I am going to attempt to find all the mods which had substantial work done to them, but were given up on for one reason or another. I have started off with my classic "failure" MageDuel, an aborted attempt at a multiplayer feature mod where players played special mages who summoned creatures to battle eachother.

Another mod I have  put up is my TDD/BG2 mini-mod. While mostly finished, it is rough round the edges and hasn't been properly bug tested (although it is safe to install and play with out screwing things up majorly). I gave up on this mod to concentrate on other things, namely school, real life and the DragonLance Total Conversion project, which will be awesome.

Email me here, or PM me on the TeamBG message boards (my name is Ajoc) if you have any questions.