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Installing Custom Files

These are all the utilities you need to download to get started using custom files for Infinity Engine games that you have downloaded from web sites. These files will allow you to "import" custom items, spells, creatures, npc's and stores (inns, temples, etc.) into your games.

NOTE: You will find two types of files on the web that need to be imported using the "Infinity Engine Editor Standard" (IEES), TBG files (*.tbg) and IAP files (*.iap).

When a person imports these files (*.tbg files...yes, tbg means TeamBG File...and *.iap files) the ITM/SPL/CRE/STO file will get automatically placed inside their game's "Override" folder and the texts (names and descriptions) will get inserted into their game properly. Without this process, custom files will NOT have any names/descriptions on that person's machine. This is why you don't find ITM/SPL and other files like these on the web for download normally if they are *new* additions to the games.

NOTE: IAP files are used to package many TBG files and other non exported files into one file so that the person who downloads a package only needs to do a single import action.

Infinity Engine Editor Standard v1.0.3 Build 14

[Updated on 03/17/2002] This can import TBG files, or IAP files (packages of custom items, spells, creatures and more). This one download includes the "Infinity Add-on Patcher" and the "Dialog Fixer". These are what you need to IMPORT custom items, spells, creatures and more into your game! An IAP file is a single file that has many TBG's and other files embedded in it. This allows you to easily import single data file (containing many files) that others have made using IAP Pro.

Download (1.95 MB) - VB6 files included

Download (Mirror #2) (1.95 MB) - VB6 files included

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Installing Custom Files

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