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Listed below are the mods that TeamBG hosted. The first mod ever for the Infinity Engine games was Dark Side of the Sword Coast for Baldur's Gate. This is a mod that has new characters that will join your party plus it has a lot of new quests to take and many new items and spells.

The first mod for Baldur's Gate 2 was CBisson's Company of Eight. Many people believe it was The Darkest Day but that isn't the case. Company of Eight followed by MageDuel and then The Darkest Day was the order of the early Baldur's Gate 2 mod releases.

The links will direct you to Archive.org's site where you can see the mods original website.

Released Mods:
Epic Endeavours - 57MB Adventure Quest Mod (BG2:SoA)
The Darkest Day - 266MB Quest Mod (BG2:SoA)
Mage Duel - Adventure Mod (BG2:SoA)
Check the Bodies - Quest & Adventure Mod (BG2:SoA)
Shadows over Soubar - Quest & Adventure Mod (BG2:SoA)
Imoen Romance - Romance Mod (BG2:SoA)
Tortured Souls - Quest & Adventure Mod (BG2:SoA)
Baldur's Gate Trilogy - Conversion Mod
The Big Picture - Conversion Mod
Freedom's Reign - Mini Mod (BG2:SoA or ToB or TDD)
Nalia's Romance - Romance Mod (BG2:ToB)
Company of Eight - Mini Mod (BG2:SoA or ToB)
Dark Side of the Sword Coast - Quest Mod (BG1:TotSC)



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