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Version History

Hopes For Version 3.0

-Change undead effects to "animation change" to remove need for Cre's

-Setting "Sex Change" to the male and female undead potions

-Lots more spells and items in the Dark Market

-Own Area for Mortis and Dark Market

-Intergration of Race picker into cutscene start


-Support for the following mods

-TDD-ToB 1.03
-Weimer-Item Upgrade
-Freedoms Reign
-Reign of Virtue

Version 2.3

-Tweaked Script for Mortis (so appears faster)

-Split the darkmarket into 3 shops (standard, spells and unique's)

-Begain area work and the concepts of the other 3 children.

-Did the intro.

Version 2.2

-More items are added to the Mortis Shop (AKA Darkmarket)

-Potion added to race pack so all races can move at base speed

-Ppl now say my pack is a Mini-mod Yeh :)

Version 2.1

-Scripting added to produce a "summon" like effect with npc.

-Race packs are changed so they do "Animation Change" thus nolonger need CRE files

Version 2.0

-Race pack is out (adds 10 new races)

-Undead are balanced with stat and level requirements

-Undead NPC is moved to AR1400 (to make travel easier)

Version 1.4

-Begain 1st work on the extra race pack (as a bonus)

-Undead NPC now sells other evil items.

Version 1.3

-Now a shop/npc is added to sell undead potions (DD3501)

-Undead are now immune to healing potions

-All touch attacks are fixed and can repair problems with animations.

-Whole pack is put into IAP-SFX format

Version 1.2- (First public release)

-Undead touch attacks now replace fist, not weapons

-All items and spells have descriptions if needed

-Wraith is added to undead allowed

Version 1.1 -

-Undead packs are now able to change titles and portraits

-Basic touch attacks are implemented

-First class restrictions are in place

-Vampire is added to allowed types

Version 1.0 -

-First attempt at undead work, (Lich, Skeleton Warrior)

-need clau codes to summon the potions.

-anyone can use.

.-no touch attacks