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TeamBG sites...

TeamBg- The undisputed Lords of IE editing

TeamBG Net - The hosting system for IE modding

TeamBG Tutorials Collection - A collection of TeamBG's Tutorials.

Imoen's Romance - BG2:SoA/ToB - Romance Mod

Servants of the Shard (3 packs below)

  • Freedom's Reign · BG2:SoA/ToB - Add-In Mini-Mod
    Reign of Virtue · BG2:ToB - Add-In Mini-Mod
  • Reign of Winter · IWD - Partial Conversion

The Dragon's Call · BG2:ToB - Total Conversion

Dungeon Developments The Vanished Dungeon · BG2:ToB - Add-In Mod

Dragonlance · BG2:ToB - Total Conversion

Mordan's Keep Black Tidings · BG:TotSC - Add-In Mod

Shadows Over Soubar · BG2:ToB - Add-In Mod

Epic Endeavours · BG2:SoA - Total Conversion

The Darkest Day · BG2:SoA/ToB - Add-In Mod

Dark Side of the Sword Coast · BG:TotSC - Add-In Mod

Core Stripdown Projects · Use as a basis for Total Conversions

Other IE related sites..

Apoc's Realm- A very nice all round site (sweet layout)