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Other Tools

These utilities are for miscelleneous tasks like assisting with language translation, dumping data about items and spells to a text file, decompressing those BIF's and BAM's in the games that are compressed, and extra TBG creation tools.

Game Launcher and Updater Pack v1.0.0

This is a highly customizable/skinnable game launcher meant to replace baldur.exe for large mods or total conversions (new games). As an additional, and really cool feature, it also has a built-in Updater (game patcher) which works very much like the one in the NWN game launcher. It checks information on a server on the internet to see if your version of the mod installed needs updating, if it does you can choose to download it and install it from the Launcher's Updater. A benefit this has that the NWN one does not is that this will not delete the patch after its done, if you wish to delete any downloaded patch, you can do it manually. Here are some screenshots of what it can look like and do.

Game Launcher and Updater screenshots

Note: This download is NOT for use by players, except when the Launcher is configured and included with a game mod/TC, and is for modders to setup for use with their mods/TCs. Modders should configure both its skin (appearance) and the patch files setup for the mod the Launcher is to be included in. This is not some patcher for the normal games and their patches, it is also not a single launcher for multiple games all from one program (in case you thought that).

This pack also includes our INI-INF Editor v1.0.0.

Download (75 KB)

Infinity Sound Converter (ISC) v2.0.2

This is the utility for playing and converting Infinity Engine sound files, and also supports merging of WAV files for recreating ACM soundtracks.

(Requires VB6pkg.exe to run.)

Download (53 KB)

MUS Maker v2.0.0

Raistlin's MUS (music playlist) editor.

Download (18 KB)

2DA Editor v1.1

A user interface designed to interact with and allow the editing of any 2DA (rules) files.

Download (268 KB)

BG2 TLK Editor v2.2

Perform many advanced and cleanup operations on your dialog.tlk file. Import/export the whole dialog.tlk file, modify text entries in place, mass search/replace/delete entries. It also allows optional tag/sound reference checks, you can modify the allowed tags, thus this utility is compatible with all known IE games. More features: selectively prunes a dialog.tlk from certain unused entries (good for stripdowns). Now comes with the standard installer.

Download (131 KB)

Infinity Talker v0.95

A dialog.tlk editing tool.

Download (68 KB)

Infinity Engine File Info Extractor v0.2.1

Use this tool to dump all the information about items, spells and such from the games to a single text file.

Download (85 KB)

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