Servants of the Shard Reboot (0 Comments)

With a new TeamBG comes a reboot of Servants of the Shard. Find the latest version under "FR/RoV WeiDU Package".

A big thanks to those who have kept it up over the years.

 Servants is being left unmaintained... (0 Comments)

As many people who visit the TeamBG IRC channel may know, I've made the decision to leave the TeamBG community. This obviously leave Servants of the Shard in a bit of a predicament.

First let me say that I'm not going to delete/remove/temper with any of the content left on the site. it's going to be left perfectly in tact in that respect. You can carry on downloading mods as you see fit, as and when you want them.

All I am going to say is that I am leaving the site in a completely unmaintained state. Nothing will change. Nothing will be added. Nothing will be rectified. Nothing will be done.

If you have any queries on my modifcations, I suggest going to the forum, and hoping someone will help you with the problem. If your query is anything to do with the distribution of my mods, or re-issuing it, I don't want to hear about it. These mods are now only going to be available from this site. Nothing else should be otherwise done with them, and they should not be moved. Even though I'm not around, the mods contained here *are* mine and my brother's itellectual property. Any misuse will be dealt with.

Thanks. Carry on having fun.
- Deano

 WeiDU v3 available! (0 Comments)

Yes, there are more updates available in the form of a new WeiDU Freedom's Reign/Reign of Virtue installer. This adds a brand spanking new Spanish Translation into the mix, as well as bug fixes and improvements to the code of the installer and so forth, taking advantage of new functions available in WeiDU itself.

I have to pay tribute again to hlidskialf for his continued work on this project. Where would I be without him? I dread to think in some ways. I also have to pay tribute to the hard work of idobek, who made several changes to hlid's original WeiDU code to make this update possible. I also have to say thanks to the Spanish Translation team, who made a whole other large chunk of this new update possible.

All I can say is, get downloading. ;)
- Deano

 WeiDU makes its debut on Servants! (0 Comments)

Yes, you have read the above totally correctly, we now have a WeiDU based modification on the site, and it's none other than Freedom's Reign and Reign of Virtue in a single downloadable package. WeiDU is a simple way of distributing mods, and allows for a higher degree of compatibility with other modifications. This means, that in this form, Freedom's Reign and Reign of Virtue are more compatible than ever.

I have to pay my respects to hlidskialf who made this all possible for me, and spent the time actually creating the mods in all their WeiDU glory. I can't say how much I appreciate the effort this man has put in to this project, and I'm proud to put his name here. Cheers man ;)

As you have most likely noticed, there is a new link on the sidebar for it, so you can download the package right away. Have fun. :)
- Deano

 Saying Hi... (2 Comments)

Hello again everyone. I know it has been a really long time since i have posted anything (6 months almost, i know), but I have been really busy lately what with work and a lot of stuff at TeamBG of course. I seem to have had a lot of things placed on my shoulders as usual, what with Ken being away at the moment. I'll apologise to you all now for neglecting Servants of the Shard for so long. Sooner or later I might do another remake, as I think the PHP code i've written needs an overhaul if nothing else.

Thank you all for still supporting Freedom's Reign and Reign of Virtue. I must thank everyone who has downloaded it in recent months, as my download counters are still flying ever upwards. It's good to know they are still enjoyed by many even after nearly 2 years for Freedom's Reign. It's hard to believe where the time has all gone.

I also have to say that Icewind Dale 2 has been a real draw for me. I've said it before, but i'll say it again, it's a great game and I suggest as the last ever Infinity Engine Game, you should buy it. If only to mod the thing and get some 3rd Edition DnD mods coming out of our ears. I may eventually look at doing some sort of small Item modification for this if the demand is there (although this doesn't really seem to be the case, but we shall see).

As for my mods, I know I've been a lazy sod. I haven't had much time to actually get much done on Reign of Winter, but I am slowly working towards releasing a Prologue Demo for you all eventually. When this will come out, I can't really say, and I'm not going to make any promises on this one. The demo will of course include a lot of fun quests around Easthaven, and a number of other interesting tid-bits for you to gawp at. Hopefully this should calm some people down, and hope they won't hurt me. Screenshots? I might have a few ready for next week if you are lucky, and I can remember to actually take some shots of the game in progress. I know it only means hitting the print-screen button, but i tend to have other things on my mind.

Anyway, thanks for reading this load of random drivvel. Till next week my good smiling friends!
- Deano

 Reign of Virtue Plugin Released (4 Comments)

I can hear some of you gasp "finally, took 'im long enough!". Can't say I blame you. Over the last day or two I've been working on my AI scripting skills, and this is what I managed to come up with : an Advanced AI Plugin for Reign of Virtue.

This was not my secret project, rather to further my understanding of scripting. I'm pleased to say that it seemed to come out quite well. It should make the fights I have added to Reign of Virtue a little better, and a little more intelligent than in the original release. There are also general improvements in the way my creatures decide which target they are going to attack. Your mages had better watch their backs.

If you want to have a bash with this Plugin, go to the Reign of Virtue downloads page and take a look. Again, feedback is always welcome, and the comments system is at your disposal for this very purpose.

I hope to be back soon with more updates on my "Secret Project", and of course there are some screenshots of Reign of Winter. I hope to see you then.
- Deano

 I'm not dead... (0 Comments)

This is a news post to warn all of you people out there waiting for advancements on my modification, Reign of Winter, that i'm not in fact dead.

I must aplogise for not posting in a long while, but I have been doing a lot of stuff for TeamBG in the shape of other websites and manning the forums, among other things. I have recently been doing some new work, as well as playing Icewind Dale 2. I must recommend Icewind Dale 2 to everyone, I am thoroughly enjoying the experience so far, and I can't wait to see how it progresses.

As for Reign of Winter, well the ideas are forming together very well. Implementation is the hardest bit of modding, and unfortunately that isn't going as well as i'd like it to. I hope soon to have some screenshots to show you as well.

I also have something else in the wings. I don't know how well people will receive the idea, but it seems to be progressing very well. Hopefully it will bring people back to games they had long since stopped playing. I hope to have some more details for you on the project, which will not be named, in the very near future too.

One final thing I want to comment about is the download counters. I have noticed that people are downloading thick and fast over the last few months. You don't know how grateful I am for the huge interest in all of the MiniMODs and even smaller stuff on this site. If you want to post any comments about *anything* you find on this site, be sure to visit the forums and/or utilise the nice comments system that is available on the site.
- Deano

 Download Monitoring Enabled! (1 Comments)

A quick update for you guys, I've added all the new stuff for download monitoring. You can now check out the latest information on the downloads on this site, so you can check which is the most popular and how many people have downloaded these files, and even when the last download of the file took place, and its filesize. It's good isn't it?

Beware though, this new download system could cause trouble for your download managers. I haven't tested it so i'm not entirely sure, but I thought you would need to be aware of such things.

You may also have noticed that I have allowed you to sign up for my newsletter. If the demand is large enough, I shall send an email out on a regular basis to those who want it. Hopefully I will be able to fill it out with special "preview" shots, and other nice extras, as well as keeping you in on the progress of my Website and Mods. You can find the sign up in the preferences page, and all it will take you is a single simple click.

Have fun now!
- Deano

 Servants is better than ever! (6 Comments)

Hello again guys and gals, and welcome to the new incarnation of Servants of the Shard. I know it doesn't look visually different, but it works one hell of a lot differently. Under this fabulous shell, is a lot of hard working PHP code and a mySQL database, which allows me to give you guys more and more new features. You may notice that you can now register as a user of this site, and get access to the posting features available on the news comments. Soon it will also allow for you to sign up for the monthly newsletter that I plan to do.

And as if that wasn't enough, I have news for you on other subjects! Freedom's Reign now has a great new version of itself released, which I have aptly called the 1 year Anniversary Edition. It's a little late (over a month actually), but now compiles all of Freedom's Reign's patches into one downloadable and installable file, with a few more things tucked away in there if you are able to find them. These are presented in the new IAP-SFX format too, which means you can now uninstall them without any worries. Excellent eh?

But no, there is still more. I haven't finished yet. Also, in the Reign of Virtue Downloads section, you'll be able to find a spanish translation version. I haven't even looked at it, so I am trusting CLAN DLAN have done the best job they can. I'm not providing any support for this release, so if you want to try it, you are doing it at your own risk. Yet again i must say thanks to Immortality, and the rest of CLAN DLAN (you know you you are!).

Anyway, I hope to see you guys soon. Get postin'!
- Deano