Well i have a lot of people to thank, especially the whole of TeamBG, but below are some of the names that spring to mind.

The Servants Team

Deano - Okey, i thank myself
WhoDeany - My brother, and an excellent chap he is too!


Ken Baker - Well, my inspiration for editing. I also want to thank him for setting up a community i have grown to love, and for my kick-ass forum.
Hlidskialf - For the WeiDU versions of FR and RoV. You rock my good man, you rock. ;)
Ana and Clan DLAN - For all your great work on the spanish translations. Visit here.
Ajoc - Well, for general help when i was stuck, and for putting up with my whining!
Moneyd - For being highly supportive to the whole Servants website, and the Freedom's Reign Mod.
Mordan - For an excellent review of RoV for TeamBG. Made me proud!
Max - For help with the TDD Compatibility Patch
Sigwald - Help on some TDD Patches for compatibility with FR. Keep up the good work.
Szien - Good all time friend, and supporter.
Fatale/Dru - Don't see her much anymore, but she was a good support when I first started SoftS, so a credit should be put here.
CosmoGoon - He's given me some great ideas and inspirations over the past year or so. One day, I might teach him to make more than items ;)


Torben - My cool Danish counterpart, who i just met in the flesh recently. Gotta say thanks to him for being such a good friend for the last 3 years, and for putting up with my weirdness for a whole week in the UK.
Cyphyre - Ok, he hates Baldur's Gate, but I can forgive him for that.

If Anyone else who thinks they deserve some credit, email me!