Freedom's Reign Anniversary- Downloads

Download Vanilla Anniversary Version

If you only have either an install of Shadows of Amn or Throne of Bhaal without the Darkest Day, you will need to download the package below. This package doesn't require Throne of Bhaal at all, as all of the modifications are to the Shadows of Amn section of the game, but will work with or without Throne of Bhaal installed. If you have installed The Darkest Day, please, do NOT download this file, or it could mess up sections of The Darkest Day. Instead download the file located further down the page.

Download Freedom's Reign Anniversary Edition   Freedom's Reign Anniversary Edition Statistics

Download TDD Anniversary Version

If you have downloaded the Darkest Day, and are intending to use Freedom's Reign, please download the TDD version below and install it using the provided EXE. You are ready to go.

Download Freedom's Reign TDD Anniversary Edition   Freedom's Reign TDD Anniversary Edition Statistics