Freedom's Reign - FAQ

1.) What is Freedom's Reign?

  • 80-90 New Items spread throughout Baldur's Gate 2 : Shadows of Amn
  • Edits/Replaces creatures throughout the game to hold/carry new weaponry
  • 2 Completely new Stores
  • A totally new game play experience!

2.) How do I Install Freedom's Reign?

You can automatically install it using the EXE program provided that will automatically add strings to your dialog.tlk without damaging other installed mods. Please make sure you have extracted it from the ZIP file before attempting to run the EXE.

If you get any "IAP Error 2" error messages from the EXE (after making sure you have extracted it from the ZIP file) then I suggest that you utilise the "Extract IAP" button from the installer. Then you will need IEEP or IEES from TeamBG to utilise the IAP file, and install it from there.

3.) Does Freedom's Reign have any new areas?

Freedom's Reign does *not* have new areas, but integrates fully with the original game, Shadow's of Amn. Adding new items to Creatures and Stores throughout the whole of the game.

4.) Do I have to start a new game?

I recommend that you start a new game to make sure you get the full experience of the new items and stores i have made available. However, it is not strictly necessary to do this, but you will likely miss a lot of the new items, and of course, a lot of the stores will not be updated correctly.

5.) What is the TDD Compatible Version for?

If you are planning to play Freedom's Reign with The Darkest Day Modification, you will need to download the compatible version. When you have installed TDD (and the latest patch) you can use the installer provided to install Freedom's Reign on top of it. It will not change any of the TDD quests, but will add the extra items and stores for Freedom's Reign. The TDD Compatible version already has all the current Freedom's Reign patches contained within it.

Important Note : If you install any new Darkest Day Patches when they are released, you will most likely have to reinstall your version of Freedom's Reign in order to ensure all of the texts are re-written to the game, so it works correctly.

6.) Can I uninstall Freedom's Reign?

Yes, it's easily possible with the new uninstaller provided in the package.

7.) Who was Freedom's Reign made by?

Freedom's Reign was made by Deano only. I recently have heard of people emailing my brother (WhoDeany) about Freedom's Reign, when that was not necessary. Any emails should be directed to myself.

8.) What other mods is Freedom's Reign Compatible with?

Freedom's Reign should be compatible with most of the modern mods that are out there. The only known incompatibility is with Epic Endeavours, as it completely restrcutures the game. Any game that is installed using the WeiDU installer, will most likely always work, but I suggest installing them after Freedom's Reign in order to completely ensure compatibility (mods such as Kelsey and Tashia for example).

9.) Is there any chance of putting this into a different/better install type?

Freedom's Reign is perfect as an IAP-SFX package. No other is required. Any other installation types are unfeasible in my understanding. I have been asked if I can make an "override only" version. That will never happen, as I am not going to bring that sort of incompatibility into my modification.

10.) Credits

Okay... i know this is a FAQ... but anyway! I am going to give a big thanks to everyone for the support of Freedom's Reign it was great, but special thanks goes to :

Ken Baker - for setting up TeamBG, and for being a great inspiration to me.
WhoDeany & CosmoGoon - for excellent help with keeping me filled with ideas. I owe you guys!
MoneyD - For writing a excellent review of Freedom's Reign for .ORG, and for being my Number #1 fan!
MaxTeamBG - For some great help getting out a TDD compatible version of Freedom's Reign.
The rest of TeamBG - You know who you are!