Links - For general editing news and for new releases and of course, the great TeamBG Forums. You have editing needs? Keep your eyes open on this amazing site! - An excellent site if you need site hosting for your own mod website. I designed the website too (can't you just tell?), so it is a must see. ;)

TeamBG Kicks Ass - Possibly one of the biggest collection of online Infinity Engine Downloads anywhere. You can find anything and everything in this gigantic online collection. I suggest you take an extra long look.

The Darkest Day - The largest new bg2 MOD out there at the moment. Visit this site and get a piece of the action, if you haven't done so already. If you didn't know what the Darkest Day was, you will now.

Shadows over Soubar - Another huge mod, hosted on TeamBG. Go and have a look at this fantastic new mod.

Epic Endeavours - I designed the website for this great, but small, TC. A 50 meg download is well worth it for a completely new storyline and characters. I'd recommend this to anyone/

Mordan's Keep - Full of Mordan's Stuff, and his mods. One to keep an eye on for certain. He's producing a lot of good stuff.

Arundor's Abode - Another AMAZING site, jammed full of customs for all of the Infinity Engine Games. Go now!

Szien's Tile Madness - A site bursting at the seams with tiles from other games, for use with IETME. Go look!

Clan DLAN - Spanish Modification and Translation website. All you spanish speakers out there will find the site invaluable.