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 Throughout the Years first came online sometime in April 2000 and ended in July 2004. Throughout the domain's history it has gone through many changes. Listed below are the various looks and functions this domain served.
April 2000 - Some time in 2001
Link ---- This was used as the main site. It has the same look as the one they used when they were hosted at GNNetwork.
Mid part of 2001
Link ---- The domain was being used as the website. It has the same look as the one they used when they were hosted at DB-Forge.
Later part of 2001
Link ---- The domain was being used as the forums/website combination. Luckily you can browse through some of the topics of the forum. In a lot of instances Archive doesn't preserve a copy of forum posts and threads.
Beginning 2002 - August 2003
Link ---- The domain was being used as the main website. The look of the main site remained the same during this period, which is amazing since the look of the main site was changing constantly.
September 2003 - July 2004
The domain was being used as a redirect since the .net domain took over the duties of the website and forums. July 2004 marked the end of TeamBG after the website was hacked and Ken called it quits:
Posted: Jul 15 2004, 04:20 AM 10:42 < Ken> TeamBG may be dead
10:42 <@notmrt> _ what hapend
10:43 <@notmrt> any idea
10:43 < Ken> were you in my channel the otehr day when some hacker dude came in saying the server had an exploit that gave root access?
10:43 <@notmrt> i was asleep
10:43 <@notmrt> but yes
10:43 < Ken> I got rid of that problem, but I think it was too late...there are all these "rootkits" installed and KVCD movie rips
10:44 <@notmrt> _ fucker
10:44 < Ken> so it is now physically removed from the server farm
10:44 < Ken> and they refuse to reconnect unless I order a restore (new hdd with OS and Ensim reinstalled)
10:44 <@notmrt> have you phoned them
10:44 < Ken> meaning I have to move/rescue data again
10:44 <@notmrt> basterds
10:44 < Ken> and pay $30 for the restore
10:45 < Ken> and I just did this like 6 weeks ago
10:45 <@notmrt> _
10:45 < Ken> I am just tired of this shit

History Tid Bit

December 28, 2001
 On December 26, 1998, Baldur's Gate was released in the U.S.A. Two days later Ken Baker released the first version of a character editor for Baldur's Gate, and began what became "TeamBG" a few weeks later.
 So, today marks 3 years of TeamBG following 2 days after the 3 year anniversary of the release of the first Infinity Engine game to ever be released.
 I'd like to thank the entire IE editing/modding community for keeping the dream alive and thriving now more than ever. As IE games get older, each week our hits go up more and more and the successes of creating new IE gaming elements and games becomes more and more a reality.



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