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November 18, 2010

Sorry for the delay, The Darkest Day has reached version 1.14. This new version includes many new fixes to the mod.

August 07, 2010

Welcome to The Darkest Day Reboot! With the relaunch of the TeamBG brand comes the reboot of the TeamBG mods. We do thank those who have kept those mods alive and up to date over the years. Now its time for them to return home.

July 10, 2002

The Darkest Day is now compatible with Throne of Bhaal!!! I know "its about time," but let me tell wasn't the easiest bit of work and took several people. Head to the Download section and grab it.

Head over to the Shadows Over Soubar site if you'd like to try a different BG2:ToB mod before or after trying The Darkest Day. Shadows Over Soubar is approximately a 300MB download, it installs into a BG2:ToB install and adds more to the storyline and plot in a similar fashion to The Darkest Day, but in its own style (by another author).

April 18, 2002

Head over to the Epic Endeavours site if you'd like to try a different BG2:SoA mod before or after trying The Darkest Day. Epic Endeavours is approximately a 60MB download, it installs over a BG2:SoA install and replaces the entire storyline and plot with a new game.

For those of you waiting for The Darkest Day to become compatible with BG2:ToB, the wait is near over. Reports from the special BG2:ToB/TDD compatibility team appear confident that we are within a week or two of this patch's release. Be warned that this is not definite, one bad conflict is all it takes to further delay this patch's release. Note: Once this patch is released, it will require you to start a new game and you cannot use a save game from a previous version of The Darkest Day. The patch will make The Darkest Day work with or without BG2:ToB installed and has renamed many files to make it work properly with BG2:ToB, this also affects BG2:SoA only installs of The Darkest Day. So, even if you don't have BG2:ToB installed, if you install the patch (TDD v1.0.3) you must start a new game or you will have troubles related to this fact about the changes made for compatibility with BG2:ToB.

March 11, 2002

Computer Gaming World just released their "Game of the Year Awards" issue and The Darkest Day was runner-up for UserCreated MOD of the Year. It lost to Poke646 mod for Half-life. It is still great, ive never seen an RPG MOD get mentioned for that sort of award ever! Congrats on the recognition everyone! Great Work!

-sillaric_culdanin (as posted on the TeamBG forum)

February 17, 2002

TDD Baldurdash Pack is released! See the download section.

February 14, 2002

TDD v1.0.2D Full Install is released, the TDD v1.0.2D Upgrade Patch was released yesterday.

February 3, 2002 (later)

Checkout the review of TDD in the "Press" section of (was formerly its own site at This review goes more into the details of TDD and what makes it worthwhile to play, while being honest about some adverse opinions without harping too much on things that detract from the question "what *is* TDD and what does it add to BG2:SoA?" See this review right HERE.

February 3, 2002

This mod is rockin'! As refered to previously, we have sold out of the first batch of TDD CD-ROM's and are now about to have the second batch made (doing so tomorrow (the 4th)), with more mods included this time. There will be: TDD (will include all patches including beta patches in the install), DSotSC, Ascension (with latest patch), Freedom's Reign (both TDD version and SoA/ToB version), Nalia's Romance (with latest patch), and Company of Eight.

I hope you enjoy these great additions.

You can order this new CD-ROM, if you'd like, full of these free downloads (though some are pretty large downloads), as well as the latest versions of many core TeamBG tools right here in the "Order CD-ROM" section.

January 8, 2002

The second batch of CD-ROMs are about to be made with the latest version of "The Darkest Day", "DSotSC" and others. Stay tuned for a list of what to expect on the CD-ROM now with this second batch being made. Many outstanding orders are waiting for this second batch of CD-ROMs to be filled, you won't be disappointed and don't have much longer to wait.

January 7, 2002

"The Darkest Day" for Macintosh linked to on the download page!

December 10, 2001

"The Darkest Day" v1.0.2 Patch is released!

November 19, 2001

"The Darkest Day" CD's are now shipping. Please allow up to one to two weeks for delivery depending upon your location (non-USA locations especially). For all orders received as of this date! New orders fall under the information clearly stated on the order page!

November 11, 2001

Orders for "The Darkest Day" CD's are now being taken again, however, no money orders (or payment of any kind other than PayPal) are acceptable from countries outside the U.S.A. This is due to the fees and wait time to process international money orders and cheques/checks.

As stated on the 8th, I am having the CD's made with a slightly modified Patch v1.0.1a since there is still work to be done on Patch v1.0.2 and people are emailing me asking where their CD's are. As it was originally planned that the CD's would have only v1.0.0 on them anyway and you can easily download the Patch v1.0.2 from this site when its ready, this should be no problem for you and I hope you are all happy with "The Darkest Day".

November 8, 2001

"The Darkest Day" CD's will be shipping soon with a modified Patch v1.0.1 (Patch v1.0.1a) which fixes the "store bug" that was not fixed in Patch v1.0.1.

You can no longer order "The Darkest Day" CD's.

November 1, 2001

Due to a combination of time lost due to server problems that had to be dealt with and the desire to ensure "The Darkest Day" is what people expect, the CD-ROM's on order will begin production as soon as the v1.0.2 patch comes out. This seems to make some people upset that they have to wait, but I hope you can understand our desire to make the CD's a special product that will make people happy. My hope is that the TDD v1.0.2 patch will be out sometime during the week of November 5th (though this depends on bug reports and the work needed to solve those bugs). As soon as I have created the final v1.0.2 patch and released it on the website, I will have the CD's being made the next day and begin shipping as soon as I get the finished CD's.

October 27, 2001

"The Darkest Day" site and forum completely reopened on new server and all forum posts and user data are intact.

October 24, 2001

"The Darkest Day" site and forum went down due to a network provider shutting down operations.

October 23, 2001

"The Darkest Day" v1.0.1 Patch is released!!!

October 20, 2001

Interview with Potencius (Max) at Baldur's Gate Haven.

October 19, 2001

See screen captures showing the success of "The Darkest Day" as of 11:30 pm Pacific Time today:

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October 18, 2001

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October 17, 2001

"The Darkest Day" headlines at RPGDot.

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"The Darkest Day" headlines at RPG Planet.

"The Darkest Day" v1.0.0 is released.



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