- Credits and Contacts -

 Max "Potencius" Schnur  Co-Main Designer
 Richard "Minto" Haines  Co-Main Designer
 Mercuriel  Sounds/Voices
Kazz Graphics Support
Karel Graphics Support
Oarsome Text/Proofreading Support
Mary Magus Bug Fixing Support
Ken "KenTeamBG" Baker General Support, Website, CD Publishing
All of TeamBG
Ken, Todd, Theo, Cat, Gaelion, PatternStorm, Maltanar, and all who provide support in the IE customization scene...such as Manveru and those before him whom maintained the IESDP and its predecessors.
For the Tools and Information used to create "The Darkest Day".
Kuiriel For all the excellent promotion work.
Mary Magus, hlidskialf, Kagetora, Yttrium, Grjgori, Petrell, TheoTeamBG and KenTeamBG For all the hard work making TDD compatible with ToB.
 BioWare Corp.  For providing an excellent and highly customizable game engine.