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TeamBG Tools

This section contains detailed descriptions, features, and version information about TeamBG tools. Simply use the Tools Browser menu to the right to navigate through the tool categories.

The tools on this site are offered as freeware, however each author owns the rights to the tools they create. These tools are old and mostly outdated. Use them at your own risk. Remember to back up any game files before you edit them.

Non-TeamBG Tools

The tools from these sites we link to are not supported by TeamBG in any way. If you need any help with them, please contact their authors.

Near Infinity - IE Resource Browser/Editor

WeiDU - Dialog Tool

Infinity Explorer - IE Resource Browser (no editing)

Shadowkeeper Editor - Save Game and Character Editor

Tools Browser


Installing Custom Files

XPCAP Removers & Rule Packs

Character Controls


Basic Customizing Tools

AI Scripting & Dialog Tools

Graphical & Area Tools

Other Tools

Retired Tools