This website is dedicated to housing all of TeamBG's Tutorials made by anybody who wishes to contribute to the project. You will be able to submit your own tutorials for people to use and view, and you will be able to view any of the available tutorials on the site.

To submit any tutorials, you must first sign up, which is easily done, by clicking on our "Register" button in the right hand bar. Once you have registered, you can submit tutorials, quickly and easily in much the same way as on a forum, with simple text entry. Once this has been submitted, it will be read over by our Administrators, and if it is deemed good enough, it will become one of the "Accepted" tutorials on the site. Accepted Tutorials can be filtered for, using our simple interface. You may also find, that tutorials you have submitted have been "retired". If this happens, it means your accepted tutorial may be out of date, and needs updating. If you have any retired tutorials, an option will show on the right hand navigation bar, and you will be able to edit it from there. When it is deemed to be up to date again, it will be placed back in the relevant tutorials section.

The aim of the site in general is to make one place you can come to, to get tutorials and helpful information instead of all the required information being spread around in several inaccessible places. Hopefully this will make it easier for everyone in the long run, as all they will need to do is place one URL in their favourites folder.


To navigate this site you can utilise the navigation buttons located at the top of this page. These will take you to the relevant sections of the website with the related tutorials. To the right you will also notice filter options when you utilise the pages that require them. These will filter between Submitted, and accepted Tutorials.


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