Multimedia Tutorials Section
Accepted Tutorials

> Creating a Cave Mesh by Max
A method of modelling and modifying to create a good cave mesh in under 5 minutes. (3dsmax)

> How to make your own Sound Set with NPC/Creature sounds by SimDing0
by Super_Sonic

> Ice Material in 3DSMax by Max
A walkthrough on how to make decent ice...

> Intro to 3DSMax Area Creation (very basic) by Max
This will guide you through the very basics of creating geometry, cameras, lights, and texturing.

> Modelling a Vase with the FFD Modifier by Max
You can read the title.

> Music Playlists (*.MUS) and how they work by SimDing0
by jhauglid

> Tiled Floor / Attenuated Light Setup Tutorial by Max
Goes over the creation of a tiled floor material, and a little bit of lighting thrown in for good measure.

Submitted Tutorials (unknown accuracy)

> Creating Inventory Icons with BAM Workshop by Max
A quick step-by-step thingie.



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