Other Tutorials Section
Accepted Tutorials

> * TeamBG-101: Introduction to Editing IE Games by KenTeamBG
This is my tutorial for introducing people to the basic first steps and tools for modding.

> How do I make my own store and storekeeper? by SimDing0
by ToddTeamBG

> Importing PS:T animations into Bg2 by Mortis
How to convert those PST animations to the bg2/iwd layout

> Introduction to GUI Editing by SimDing0
An introductory guide to editing the GUI; nothing special, just the very basics

> IWD/IWD2 animation Importing into ToB by Mortis
getting IWD/IWD2 animations into BG2/ToB

> Kit Creation Guide v 2.5 by Daxziz
Probably a bit outdated by now, but this guide will still provide a good amount of background knowledge for kit creation.

> Making Creatures That need a certain item to be defeated by Mortis
Title says it all

> One method for making Turn/Rebuke Ability for Non-Clerics by SimDing0
by AngryJ22

> Race Simulation Guide (in Depth) by Mortis
Simulation of races in BG2/ToB

> Simulating a WMP without using the stinking WMP by SimDing0
by Ghreyfain and MaxTeamBG

> Spell Graphics Tutorial (Editing PRO Files) by SimDing0
by MaltanarTeamBG

> Time conversion: game-time <-> real-time by bt_igi
Converting between game-time to real-time

> Weidu adding kit example by Davide Carta
Example of how addi kits without replace any existing file.

Submitted Tutorials (unknown accuracy)

> Making New Special Effect Icons Tutorial by Echon
An introduction to adding new icons to your spells and states



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